You’re going to Hollywood!

“You’re going to Hollywood!” It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot the past few weeks as the new season of American Idol is underway – a show that I love watching and so does my five year old. She’s a little confused though as Daddy has been getting in his car and driving to [...]

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The Documentary Film Makers Handbook 2nd Edition

A Thanksgiving Documentary Feast

Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S and having come over here, via my Mayflower  (aka British Airways), I feel this holiday has a bigger impact on us newer Brits who’ve left the motherland and crossed the pond looking for new adventure.  So before I go and fill my belly with turkey, sweet potato and [...]

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From The Hollywood Field Trip to The London Documentary Summit

Hello everyone! No I’m afraid I’ve not been abducted by aliens nor did Hollywood gobble me up – it’s just that I started Filmmaker Junction not so long ago, and our events have just been keeping this Guerilla Gal busy running all over LA. We’ve been having amazing From Script to Screens with phenomenal screenwriters such [...]

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Filmmaker Junction is ALIVE!

Our new live film event series, Filmmaker Junction, is alive and kicking! Last month we began with our hugely successful From Script to Screen series in partnership with the screenwriting organization CineStory with guest Hollywood screenwriter Bob DeRosa. We also had a wildly successful week with The Hollywood Field Trip (where delegates had the privilege of [...]

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Three new Filmmaker Junction events coming up!

Meeting with the screenwriters of Meet The Fockers and Marmaduke in sunny L.A! Hello everyone! Sorry to have been off the radar for a bit, but we’ve been busy in the aftermath of The Hollywood Field Trip. It was an incredible time had by all. Stay tuned for pictures, video and blogs from a week [...]

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Christmas Eve in Hollywood. Oscars 2011

It’s hard to believe that the Oscars were a month ago. I’ve only just managed to finish my Oscar watchlist, having just seen Winter’s Bone and The Fighter – both amazing, especially Winter’s Bone. Gut wrenching and incredibly powerful performances. So thinking about the Oscars, I ran into a good friend of mine, whose husband [...]

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On the same page…

I’ve just had a really great meeting with a top Hollywood producer who wants myself and my writing partner to write an epic sci-fi thriller. (BTW, if you want to have a sci-fi giggle, check out this Super Bowl commercial above from VW.) Now, this guy (can’t say who I’m afraid) is a high end [...]

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Being a Brit in LA on Groundhogs Day

I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking out at the beach here in Santa Monica. First thing to say is Damn girl! This place is gorgeous! It’s bright, sunny and beautiful out there. The ocean is sparkling. The waves are crashing onto a huge sandy expanse of beach. And since I looked out of that [...]

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Hello? Hollywood calling!

I don’t know about you but with Valentine’s Day approaching (out here in LA it’s everywhere!) it’s making me think how in love I am with my modern TV. Not too long ago I was in the dark ages for a very long time with one of those ‘old fashioned’ tvs that just switches on [...]

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Back at it and a big announcement…

Hello everyone! I’m back again. It’s been a while I know, but here I am with some more tales from Hollywood and even with some offerings to any of you out there who might even want to come out to this crazy town…. The other day I was sitting in Coffee bean in Calabassas (home [...]

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